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Best Ways to get Free iTunes Gift Cards and Codes in 2019
about 2 years ago

Thanks for visiting my site! Who wouldn’t want a free iTunes gift cards code, without giving out your personal info or Human verification?


If you are looking for it or even ANY free card code, you have arrived at the best place. That’s right, I have found a proven site where you can get any gift card from Amazon, including an iTunes card!


I guarantee you this site is real, just check out the proof section if you don’t believe me. Unlike many other sites out there, I will walk you through the sign-up process all the way to ordering your iTunes card code.


Rest assured; you will not spend anything or give out any personal info if you follow the actions below to receive your voucher codes that work.


One way is to use the money from your credit card and add it into your account. Next thing you can do is use our online tool to generate iTunes gift cards for free of cost. You can click below to get started with our online card generation tool.


What is Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019 ?

Generally the iTunes gift cards are to be given by iTunes store themselves from the store. These cards are given to us by iTunes when we have purchase more apps and games from the iTunes store. But, it can also be purchased from Paypal and Apple directly.


It allows you to buy apps and games from the iTunes store through your iOS device. After purchasing and spending some of the money apple reward with iTunes gift card with user.


These can be used to purchase additional music or videos from iTunes store and will not cost you any money for it. Just use it and spend on your account.


Top 3 Legit Methods To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes In 2019

Free itunes Gift Cards


Online Reward Sites


Genuinely speaking, getting an iTunes card is only possible if you purchase it from some store. But there are some means to earn free iTunes gift card codes for which you do not have to spend any hard cash. Be assured this is an entirely legit way.


Now as we said, you might not have to spend money behind it, but you have to perform some tasks according to those online sites. These sites are called online reward site, and the process it works is named get paid to or GPT.


You must be worrying about which reward site you will visit to get iTunes codes free. To get the answer, continue to read the next section.Here are the Top online reward sites to earn iTunes card for free:

1. Swagbucks

The famous in most site that works in the principle of getting paid to is Swagbucks. With unlimited options of earning swag rewards, the site gives various gift cards among which iTunes gift card is present.


The working principle of swag Buck is the same as others, but this site is not dependent on surveys only which the other sites are.Swagbucks give various other options to gain points.


It has also referred benefit point’s which is a significant point earner. The different ways are through online shopping from certain stores. Swag bucks even provide points on purchase from Apple Store.

2. Grab points

Another alternative site that gives you free iTunes gift card is Grabpoints. Similarly, you can find different tasks on the website to complete. As you go on completing jobs, you count on earning points. Starting from the registration in the site you start receiving works to do.


Watching videos, taking part in surveys, doing the online task or downloading apps are a few of them what you do through this site. You can directly get iTunes gift card which you can redeem or gift to other friends.


3. ebonus gg

ebonus.gg is another site that provides you with a free iTunes gift card but in a different way. As you enter the site, you will find that there is location wise iTunes card displayed of varying value.


Once you want to claim it redirects to specific websites for performing some job. Nonetheless, you can finally grab an iTunes gift card doing the job.


4. Prize Rebel

Prize revel is another similar site like prize points which gives you the opportunity through the same process. In this site also you will find surveys, watching advertisements or streaming sites as a part of the task.


Once you complete them, you are rewarded with points which are redeemable in the form if iTunes card. Prize rebel is graded among the best survey sites which means you can get unlimited surveys to earn points.


Earning cash back from apps

iTunes gift card

Many apps provide you cash back in terms of money or reward points after making purchases through them. You can use such cashback or points to get a free iTunes gift card. Following are a few examples:




  • Ibotta is a mobile app that provides you with cash back when shopping foods in your nearby stores. You will be credited in 48 hours to your account.
  • You can browse the available offers after registering on the free app. A few tasks can be taken, and more offers can be received.
  • Go to the shopping section, buy your necessary items and pay. Manual receipt submission is the way you can redeem the cash back for a free iTunes gift card.




  • You get a $10 credit when you log into Ebates, which can be used to buy an iTunes gift card.
  • Also, online cash back offers are available in Ebates consistently for brands of all kinds. You receive $25 on your account when referring to a friend.
  • Ebates also reveals continuous deals, convenient to your area. You can get a gift card with these credits.


Earn free iTunes codes using iTunesReward

One of the best and easy way to get iTunes gift cards is iTunesReward. The iTunesReward is a website where you can earn free iTunes gift cards by completing offers or downloading apps.


As iTunesReward is a Get Paid To (GPT) site, you need to earn points by completing tasks on the website. After collecting the minimum 1000 points, iTunesReward allows you to redeem free $10 iTunes gift card.


Folks here comes to an end of our article. Now you have gathered enough information about the points as mentioned above which are tried and tested way to earn a free iTunes gift card without spending money.


No matter whether you are spending money behind iTunes card or not, it is always a good idea to get something for free with a minor effort. Also, stay safe from the iTunes code generators which are of no use.


All the sites mentioned in reward points are offering to gain iTunes cards at current times. Don’t blame us if you miss grabbing the opportunity.

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